Calculating the Probability of God’s Existence

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Calculating the Probability of God’s Existence™

Calculating the Probability of God’s Existence is a self-paced capstone course.  The aim of this course is to create critical thinkers, which we shall approach first by allowing students to dispel myths about evolution and God.  Our objective will be accomplished by guiding students in this class as they evaluate two theories: evolution and predestination. Students shall be introduced to phenomena and evidence used to support both theories and students shall be required to write an alternative theory which synthesizes the phenomena and evidence offered by both theories.

Students will then use a probability formula to determine the probability of God’s existence considering evolution, predestination, and the students own alternate theory.

The probability formula will be used to validate the phenomena and evidence offered by all three theories.

The validations shall then be added to a normalized database, which normalized database shall then be used to rate the students’ conclusions. The outcome of this course shall be a deeper understanding of probability and statistics, a rigorous analysis of evolution theory and predestination theory, a new perspective on God, and a high quality scientific research paper that documents the students’ class experience.

Essential Questions: What resources are needed to calculate the probability of God’s existence? What is needed to validate the analysis, interpretations, and conclusions of scientific research? What impact does funding or lack of funding have on the integrity of science?

Benchmarks for Science Literacy (AAAS, Current) 12D/H6, 12E/H1, 12E/H3, 12E/H4, 12E/H5, 12E/H6a, 12E/H6b, 12B/H1, 12B/H2, 12B/H3, 12B/H4, 12E/M5A, 12E/M5B, 12B/M10, 7D/P3

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