Marriage Rites vs. Marriage Rights ™

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Intro To the Lord’s Cipher ™

Marriage Rites versus Marriage Rights™
Course Overview

In this course we shall examine God’s Holy Institution of Marriage by analyzing a real case brought sua sponte by Judge Jesus Christ in the Court of God.

As part of case analysis students will be introduced to God’s marriage laws and asked to research and compare God’s marriage law with marriage laws around the country; as well as marriage laws around the world.

The objective of the class is to teach students what constitutes God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, as well as helping them to understand the consequences to individuals, couples and children of people who violate God’s Marriage laws.  As a final project, students must produce a graphic novel or video which reflects a well-researched understanding of the primary essential question, while factoring in the answers to the remaining essential questions identified for this course. The final project must be supported by mathematically validated evidence.

Essential Questions

What constitutes a holy marriage in the eyes of God? Does amount of time two people spend in “marriage” determine whether or not the union is holy?  Must mutual love, free from sex or coercion exist prior to marriage for the marriage to be deemed holy?  Who determines whether a marriage is holy, God or man?  If sin brings us together, and we do great work for God, will that make our marriage holy?  What is the key to a holy marriage? Is it time, love, work or something else?  If we atone for the sin of entering an unholy marriage, will that make our marriage holy?


Sua sponte: Latin for “of one’s own accord; voluntarily.”   Used to indicate that a court has taken notice of an issue on its own motion without prompting or suggestion from either party.

Benchmarks for Science Literacy (AAAS, Current)

12E/H3: Consider whether some event of interest might have occurred just by chance.

7D/P3:   Choices have consequences, some more serious than others.

Common Core Standards: